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Heat Transfer Of Raw Material Bed From Hot Gas In Kiln

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  • Thermal analysis of the rotary kiln through FEA - WSEAS

    4 Modelling of heat transfer with FE A The clinker production process involves heat and mass transfer between the kiln, fuel, primary and secondary air, drying of raw material mix call flour, and calcining of CaCO3 The given computer model of thermal processes, allows to calculate temperatures pattern both at a surface and inside a body [10]

  • A Look at the Process of Recycling EAF Dust

    Heat is more effectively transferred through a bed of pellets than a bed of fines This is because fines are likely to entrain in the hot air stream, while pellets will roll against the kiln refractory Heat is then transferred not only from the hot air stream, but also through the kiln refractory, promoting improved heat transfer

  • Temperature distribution within the moving bed of rotary

    Therefore, the material bed cannot be treated as isothermal, as has been done in the literature when modeling the heat transfer in rotary kilns However, with progressing of the material through the kiln, the difference became smaller and finally the bed temperature approached the temperature of the kiln

  • Computation of steady state thermochemistry in rotary

    A rotary kiln is therefore fundamentally a reactive heat exchanger where energy from a hot gas phase is transferred to the condensed bed material The most well-known uses of rotary kilns are in pigment and lime calcination, in manufacturing cement clinker and calcination of alumina hydrates

  • Rotary Kiln - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Fundamentally, rotary kilns are heat exchangers in which energy from a hot gas phase is extracted by the bed material During its passage along the kiln, the bed material will undergo various heat exchange processes, a typical sequence for long kilns being drying, heating, and chemical reactions that cover a broad range of temperatures

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