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Nigeria Distilleries Distillate Spent Wash Treatment And Disposal

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  • india distilleries distillate spent wash treatment and

    Jul 26, 2016 · This video is unavailable Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue

  • India Distilleries Distillate Spent Wash Treatment And

    Treatment and disposal of distillery spentwash investments and higher energy recovery Many distilleries in India are allowing their effluent for application on land as direct irrigation water, spent wash cake and spent wash-press mud compost

  • What Happens to Spent Grain After Whiskey Distilling

    Oct 28, 2016 · Distilleries produce a lot of byproducts, but on a farm, those byproducts are a valuable resource Spent grain, the grain left over after distillation, is one of the most important ones It’s a pure waste product of distilling, but it turns out that the grain left over after making whiskey is perfect for feeding livestock

  • Distillery spent wash: Treatment technologies and

    Treatment of distillery spent wash with ascomycetes group of fungi such as Penicillium spp, Penicillium decumbens, Penicillium lignorum resulted in about 50% reduction in color and COD, and 70% phenol removal Sirianuntapiboon et al reported an absorption mechanism for decolorization of melanoidins by Rhizoctonia sps D-90

  • Treatment of Biomethanated distillery spent wash using

    Treatment of Biomethanated distillery spent wash using Electro coagulation treatment technique 1Pooja R Chittaragi , Amar S Byakodi2 1M Tech Student, Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, Belagavi 2Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, Belagavi

  • Treatment of Distillery Spent Wash by Using Chemical

    Bio-methanation of distillery spent wash followed by aerobic treatment is the commonly used treatment to treat distillery Aerobic treatment reduces the chemical oxygen demand (COD), and Biological oxygen demand up to 50 to 70 %, but till 100% colour, COD and BOD are not reduced

  • Problems in Distillery Waste Treatment (with Solutions)

    Treated Spent Wash Disposal-Pollution Control Boards (PCBs) nowadays are insisting for acquiring land by the distilleries if land disposal is the selected option for distillery waste disposal It is necessary, therefore, to have a storage lagoon followed by acres of land for irrigation using treated spent wash having BOD less than 100 mg/L

  • Management of Spent Wash in Distilleries | Wealthy Waste

    Soil reclamation is another technology for utilization of distillery spent wash Application of 500 m 3 /ha of spent wash to sodic soils followed by 2 to 3 leaching with water achieved effective reclamation after 60 days with a reduction in soil pH and increase in organic carbon content, available nutrient and microbial activity 1

  • Distillery spent wash: Treatment technologies and

    Vinasse, also known as distillery spent wash (DSW), is a liquid waste produced in large amounts by ethanol distilleries This effluent is particularly rich in organic matter, and may be considered

  • Distillery Industry Wastewater Treatment | CivilDigital

    May 20, 2013 · Distillery Industry Wastewater Treatment Alternative treatment and disposal options for spent wash Incineration after evaporation: The water content of the spent wash is significantly decreased by evaporation, so that the dried substrate is suitable for incineration containing about 37% of potash as potassium oxide on an average from which

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